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Think About Water

virtual gallery space

Group Exhibition

March 21st—June 21st, 2021
Opening: March 22, 6:30 PM
CT via Zoom

Exhibiting Artists:

Diane Burko • Betsy Damon • Leila Daw • Rosalyn Driscoll • Doug Fogelson • Fredericka Foster • Giana Pilar González • Susan Hoffman Fishman • Fritz Horstman • Basia Irland • Ellen Kozak • Stacy Levy • Anna Macleod • Ilana Manolson • Lauren Rosenthal McManus • Randal Nichols • Jaanika Peerna • Aviva Rahmani • Lisa Reindorf • Meridel Rubenstein • Naoe Suzuki • Linda Troeller • Adam Wolpert is a collective of ecological artists and activists who join together to interpret, celebrate, and defend water. Created by Fredericka Foster in early 2020, the website features a talented selection of artists, writers, and activists, as well as pertinent news and actions on various water issues. This exhibition, also titled ​Think About Water (TAW), ​is the first group show of the collective, presented in virtual space through an interactive VR gallery and curated by TAW member Doug Fogelson.

Celebrating our connection to water over a range of mediums and innovative projects that honor this precious element, Think About Water serves as a call-to-action and invites viewers to a deeper look at the individual artists work—easily accessed by links to their websites and accompanying statements. With strong backgrounds of acclaimed work and commitment, TAW artists are creatively bringing awareness to a vital aspect of the ecosystem and therefore the entire community of life.

Please join us on World Water Day, March 22nd at 6:30 PM CT, for a Zoom opening where the artists will speak briefly about their work via the link below. The correlation of the opening date is intended to raise awareness of the 2.2 billion people living without safe access to water. Think About Water invites you to view the show without leaving the comfort of your own space!



Employing a range of techniques and motifs, the work of painter Adam Wolpert reflects a lifelong engagement with Nature.

His varied imagery explores the themes of cycles, relationships and balance, and investigates the subtle distinction between the representational and the abstract. His earlier naturalistic outdoor work speaks of his relationship with the land, in particular his home in West Sonoma County at the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center (OAEC).

A passionate artist from an early age, Wolpert explored the media of performance, ceramics, sculpture, and collage before turning seriously to painting while earning his BFA from the University of California Santa Barbara. After a rigorous 2-year training in classical realism at Studio Cecil-Graves in Florence, Italy, where he immersed himself in the work of the great European masters, Wolpert completed an MFA at UC San Diego. He has had major gallery representation since 1988, including many solo exhibitions and group shows and 18 years with the Jan Baum Gallery in Los Angeles. Wolpert co-founded the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center in 1994 and has taught and lectured extensively throughout California.



c/o Occidental Arts and Ecology Center
15290 Coleman Valley Road
Occidental, CA 95465


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